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The Prism

Gurwinder Bhogal is a writer exploring the ways we are fooled in the Digital Age. The Prism is a publication that is coming soon to Substack. The design represents finding truth in the misinformation age. Just as a glass prism unweaves light into its constituent colours, so The Prism will unweave popular beliefs into their constituent […]

Critical Mass

In creating the artwork for Lawrence Krauss’ new publication, “Critical Mass,” I wanted to capture his love for science and his stand against superstition and religious dogma in a simple design. The title itself, “Critical Mass,” inspired the concept of an intersection, where science and culture come together. I aimed to convey Lawrence’s fun personality […]

The Burner Files

Crafting the brand for this gritty publication, “The Burner Files,” I got a privileged view into Geoffrey Cain’s adventurous career as a roving foreign correspondent & author. Drawing inspiration from Geoffrey’s firsthand experiences in authoritarian and far-off locales—from the secretive corridors of North Korea to the expansive trans-Siberian railway across Russia; genocide in Cambodia & […]

The Lund Loop

In early 2023, I developed the brand for “The Lund Loop,” the new Substack publication from fintech executive, Brian Lund.  During the deep dive, Brian took me deep into the egalitarian world of trading, where everyone has an opportunity to rise no matter who they are or what their background is. The design, characterized by […]

Game File

In the last weeks of 2023, I developed the brand for “Game File,” the new Substack publication from gaming industry expert, Stephen Totilo. Game File is “a newsletter for people who are curious about the business and culture of video games, from a reporter who has been on the beat for 20 years.” During the […]