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Colors of Hope

Colors of Hope is a registered non-profit organisation in the USA that offers an Equine Restoration program for individuals affected by sexual abuse & sex trafficking.

It’s an uncomfortable topic that most shy away from, but Colors of Hope takes on the thorny issue of human trafficking face on with courage & compassion. This is partly because the founder of this organisation, Jodie Webb was herself a victim of sexual abuse & sex trafficking.

“Jodie turned the trauma from her childhood abuse into a story of redemption which inspired the creation of the Colors of Hope Equine Restoration Program.”

For Jodie, rodeoing, farming & ranching was a way of life during her childhood, and she grew up around horses. Now, horses are central to her restoration program, providing comfort & healing to survivors of human trafficking.

The program places emphasis on the value of relationship & helps to recreate what a heart-healthy and nurturing relationship actually looks like. Survivors are able to establish self-respect, self-love, boundaries, & trust while working with these beautiful creatures.

It’s an honour & a privilege to work with an organisation that is doing truly great work.

“Horses are a reflection of one’s soul: strong, powerful, beautiful.”

-Jodie Webb


Tara Slade | OMNIBRAND

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