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Our expedited brand package

Emergency Brand Design Service

When opportunity comes knocking and you need a brand in a hurry, this is your package. We’ve dealt with all kinds of brand emergencies.

Brand Design

1:1 design service with
limited revision rounds

Quick Service

Your brand delivered
in 48 hours or less

Brand Assets

Custom branded assets according to your need.
We are experienced, decisive & battle-tested
We’ve delivered brands for journalists on the front lines of major breaking news stories & as well as for time-critical television shows. We’re known for delivering effective brand solutions under pressure & we’re equipped to handle your brand emergency.

Emergency Brand Design

Timeline: 48 hours or less
Brand Discovery:
Time is of the essence, so we ask only the most essential questions. Get started by completing our online form.
Limited Revision Rounds
We typically offer up to 2 rapid revision rounds. Our team will design swiftly & decisively to minimise the need for revisions
Brand Set:
We typically deliver the brand as a primary logo & icon. Let us know if you have any specific requirements.
Corporate Colours & Fonts:
This package includes your brand colours and fonts. This does not include any font licenses.
Social Media Templates:
This package includes brand assets for up to 3 social media channels of your choice.
Digital Brand Guidelines PDF
Your 1 page brand guideline digital PDF is your visual guide to maintaining a consistent brand identity across touchpoints.

$950 USD

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Check availability

We reserve a limited number of slots per week for expedited brand design so be sure to book quickly, before our calendar fills up.

What is the discovery session like?

The discovery session is a relaxed & informal video call where we will ask all the right questions to get to the heart of your brand and determine what your needs & goals are for your project.

Note: This is an online chat via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Please check that the calendar is displaying the time in your timezone.

What they said:

Join the ranks of professional writers, journalists & business owners who have relied on us to craft rapid, fresh, and captivating emergency brands in 48 hours and less.

Our Work

We have designed more than 100 brands. Here’s a few of them:

Whether you’re chasing a breaking news story or responding to an unexpected opportunity, we’ve got you covered
With a track record of launching more than 100 sucessful brands, we’ve got you covered.

We help you to find your brand story, and create a professional brand identity so that you can reach your business goals

Our process

How we deliver a polished, professional brand identity in 48 hours*

Fill out the online form

Hour 0

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible by filling in the online form with as much detail as you can manage.

Design & revision rounds

Hours 12 - 24

We spring into action, designing your brand. If you are available for revision rounds, we will evision rounds, we will do rapid iterations.

Delivery & Launch

Hours 36 - 48

You’ll be well-equipped to launch your brand confidently, armed with your comprehensive brand guidelines and a library of brand assets.
*Timelines may vary depending on the complexity & schedule


Answers to our most frequently asked questions

We have successfully completed many projects within the 12 hour mark, however we cannot promise the same. 

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so we can evaluate our schedule and determine how we can best meet your timeline. Our commitment is to provide you with the fastest service possible without compromising the quality of your brand design.

It depends on your availability, and the time available until your launch, but we typically offer up to 2 rapid rounds of revision. 

  1. The Discovery: 
    • We delve deep into your internal branding and goals, uncovering the essence of your brand identity and understanding your goals.
  2. The Strategy:
    • We conduct research to define your brand positioning and develop a unique & comprehensive brand strategy.
  3. Multiple Design Rounds:
    • We present you with an initial set of design concepts, and request your feedback. We’ll then go through multiple design & revision rounds, and we won’t stop until we’ve crafted a brand that you absolutely love.
  4. Brand Delivery & Launch:
    • Upon final approval, we deliver the completed brand assets and guidelines, equipping you with everything you need to confidently launch your brand into the world.

The discovery session is a relaxed & informal video call where we will ask all the right questions to get to the heart of your brand. 

Some of our clients prefer to work through the questions on their own after the call, and we will provide worksheets if you prefer this option.

After the discovery session, we will have all the info we need to conduct our research & formulate an effective brand strategy.

OmniBrand requires a 40% project initiation fee to kick off the project. The remaining 60% is payable prior to the delivery of the final files.
We deliver files in the following formats: The Corporate Logo:
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
  • EPS (Adobe Illustrator)
Brand Guidelines / Brand Book:
  • Adobe PDF
Corporate Stationery:
  • JPG
  • Adobe PDF
  • EPS (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Microsoft Word Template (DOTX)
If you need any other formats, just let us know.
Your brand book is your guide to maintaining a consistent brand identity across all of your customer touchpoints.

Delivered as a 12 page digital  PDF, it consists of:
  • A Guide to your Corporate Brand
  • Logo Marks Usage Guide
  • Brand colours
  • Typography
  • Imagery & Photography Guide
  • Brand Positioning
  • Tone of Voice
  • Physical printing
  • Licenses for premium fonts or graphics.

Don’t know where to start?

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