Eureka Centre

Eureka Centre

Jeanette is a clinical hypnotherapist and her husband, Thomas is an Imago Relationship therapist. In 1996, they set out to launch their own practice, Eureka Centre. For more than 20 years now, Eureka Centre has been improving the quality of life for it’s clients with Hypnotherapy, Relationship Counselling & Family Therapy.

Jeanette is passionate about helping her clients to identify the root their personal negative subconscious programming & guiding them to change it through hypnotherapy.

Jeanette called us up in 2012 after their business had hit a bit of a slump. I had a look at their website at the time and realised that readers weren’t getting the information they needed from the website. This lack of engagement was leading to a high bounce rate, and a steady decline in the number of enquiries & appointments booked.

Changing Demands:

While the online audience of 2006 were happy to use a website as a business card, (finding the contact number & picking up the phone) the online audience of 2012 were more sophisticated & expected more from a website. To bring clients back, we needed to satisfy their need for more information.

Our audiences today demand even more engagement, preferring to find all the information on your website for themselves before they are prepared to book an appointment & when they’re ready to book, they’d rather book it online, often on their mobile phones.

We used to do marketing with with flyers, newspaper ads & various traditional mediums of advertising. Over time these methods became less effective. OmniBrand helped us to establish a more effective online presence which resulted in a constant flow of new clients.

Jeanette Dreyer, Owner at Eureka Centre

Eureka Centre taught us that websites are not set & forget. The trends are always shifting & we need to regularly revisit our websites & ask ourselves: Is this website still hitting the mark with our audience?

Jeanette’s own Eureka experience:

Part of my passion as a website designer is to work with a client to uncover the beating heart of their business – Jeanette was kind enough to share her story with me:

Jeanette came across hypnotherapy in her early twenties when she found herself slipping into depression, anxiety & low self-esteem

When I suffered from these symptoms in my late twenties the impact it had on my life is impossible to explain. I couldn’t understand why because I was young, healthy, good looking, had a good job, was married to the man of my choice who loved me very much. There was no apparent reason for my dysfunctional emotional state. This made it harder to accept.

Jeanette started searching for answers & went to one psychologist after the other finding no relief from her symptoms. This made her feel even more desperate as she believed that she was beyond cure. Only through the help of a trusted psychologist who practiced hypnotherapy was she then able to understand and overcome her own struggle with depression, anxiety & low self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy transformed her life & now, all these years later, Jeanette is still doing her best to help her clients find relief from all forms of emotional pain that they suffer with.

Whether you’re on the phone with the receptionist, Debbie, on the website or in a hypnotherapy session with Jeanette, the Eureka Centre brand tells you “we know you’ve been through a lot – It’s all going to be okay”

Tara Slade | OMNIBRAND

Tara Slade | OMNIBRAND

Tara Slade, Founder of OmniBrand Limited, has been building websites & crafting Corporate Identities for small businesses since 2011.