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The Burner Files

Crafting the brand for this gritty publication, “The Burner Files,” I got a privileged view into Geoffrey Cain’s adventurous career as a roving foreign correspondent & author.

Drawing inspiration from Geoffrey’s firsthand experiences in authoritarian and far-off locales—from the secretive corridors of North Korea to the expansive trans-Siberian railway across Russia; genocide in Cambodia & technological surveillance in China— I crafted a design that echoes the gritty and retro undertones of his journalism.

The limited color scheme adds a layer of intensity to the visual narrative, while the use of Geoffrey’s face, reminiscent of iconic political posters, reflects the man behind the stories.

“I’ve spent my career in authoritarian and far-off places, from inside North Korea to the trans-Siberian railway across Russia, from investigations into genocide in Cambodia to experiments in technological surveillance in China.”

About the Client:

Geoffrey Cain
Geoffrey Cain is an American journalist, author and anthropologist specialising in geopolitics and technology. He is the author of “The Perfect Police State” and “Samsung Rising”. His work has appeared in The Economist, Time, Wired (magazine) and The Wall Street Journal and he is also a regular commentator on Bloomberg TV, BBC, CNN, and NPR.

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