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The Lund Loop


In 2023, I designed the brand for Brian Lund’s Substack Publication, the Lund Loop. The Lund Loop offers everything you need to profit from the stock market.

The Lund Loop

In early 2023, I developed the brand for “The Lund Loop,” the new Substack publication from fintech executive, Brian Lund.  During the deep dive, Brian took me deep into the egalitarian world of trading, where everyone has an opportunity to rise no matter who they are or what their background is.

The design, characterized by a modest color palette of blue and white, encapsulates the market’s ebbs and flows; the looping OO’s  serve as a visual metaphor, capturing the inherent ups and downs of the market—a symbolic roller-coaster ride.

This design not only communicates the dynamism of the financial landscape but also signifies Brian’s role in keeping the reader “in the loop” on all industry developments.

I also hope that the gentle curves in the logo evoke a sense of stability, reassuring the reader that, with Brian’s guidance, they can navigate and weather any market storm.

About the Client:

Brian Lund
Brian Lund is a Southern California–based fintech executive & trader with over 35 years of market experience. A frequent guest on CNBC & CNN and author of Trading: The Best of the Best.

What they said:

Hi, I’m Tara, a professional brand designer with +10 years’ experience, crafting Corporate Identities for businesses, entrepreneurs and Substack writers.

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