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The Prism

Gurwinder Bhogal is a writer exploring the ways we are fooled in the Digital Age.

The Prism is a publication that is coming soon to Substack.

The design represents finding truth in the misinformation age.

Just as a glass prism unweaves light into its constituent colours, so The Prism will unweave popular beliefs into their constituent elements, revealing the delusions, biases and agendas that lie behind today’s most alluring narratives—including the ones we tell ourselves.

About the Client:

Gurwinder Bhogal
Gurwinder Bhogal is a writer & researcher with a focus on the intersection between technology, phsychology & human behaviour. He writes about how information can be weaponized in our digital age. His work has appeared in AreoQuilletteThe HumanistThe Sunday Express, and on the blog of the counter-extremism think-tank, Quilliam.

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