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Curve and Pixel

Curve and Pixel offers real hand-painted watercolor art. Everyone needs a passion project; a side-hustle – and this one is mine.

While battling a particularly bad case of impostor syndrome in 2016, I took out some paints & paintbrushes & dreamed of another life. Maybe I could have been a watercolour artist instead of a website designer?

As I sat down to paint, and as my personal painting style took shape, I was pleased to find that in today’s market, an artist today needn’t be a ‘struggling artist’ anymore. There are platforms that make it easy for artists to sell their work & I found the artists online to be super-supportive.

Before I knew it, I had a side-hustle business, Curve and Pixel & I was hooked.

After my mini-crisis was over, I was pleased to find that I came away with more confidence in my talents, both as a website designer & as a watercolour artist.

Sometimes people ask me what the name “Curve and Pixel” means, & that’s a sign that I could have picked a name that is more obvious to a wider audience. “Curve” refers to the curves of vector graphics & “Pixels” – well, you know what those are – so the logo & name is all about the process of painting real hand-painted watercolor art & then saving the artwork to digital formats.

I continue to enjoy the freedom & balance that watercolour painting brings to my work & my life. Sometimes it’s nice to put away the computer-screen, pour a jug of water, lay out the paint tubes, listen to the quiet with the occasional gentle ting & splash of the paintbrushes as I dip my paintbrush, dig into some delicious watercolours, & dream.

Tara Slade | OMNIBRAND

Tara Slade | OMNIBRAND

Tara Slade, Founder of OmniBrand Limited, has been building websites & crafting Corporate Identities for small businesses since 2011.