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Jaenine Badenhorst
Jaenine Badenhorst is a lawyer based in Wellington, New Zealand. She specialises in Employment Law, offering legal support for both employees & employers.

Empower Law

Employment Law Experts

Last year, I worked with Jaenine Badenhorst, an employment lawyer based in Wellington, New Zealand, with a decade of experience under her belt. Jaenine was ready to take the leap in starting her own legal firm, and had approached me to design the corporate brand and website for Empower Law.

I loved the fact that Jaenine is based in my home town because it meant we because we could have face-to-face meetings at my favourite coffee shop in my hometown of Wellington. During our chats, it was Jaenine’s warmth & compassion that stood out for me the most. In a profession often associated with formality, Jaenine showed up to out meetings in cute sweaters and wore her heart on her sleeve – talking about her real passion & commitment to supporting & empowering her clients.

Jaenine’s compassionate approach became the guiding force during the design process. The resulting corporate logo communicates the strength and authority befitting a professional legal firm, while radiating warmth and heart—a true reflection of Jaenine’s unique approach to practicing law.

At the heart of the Empower Law logo is a reinterpretation of the Maori toki, a ceremonial adze or chisel, symbolizing courage, power, and authority. Traditionally used in significant Māori rituals, such as tree-felling for canoe carving or constructing meeting houses, the toki holds deep cultural significance. Worn by Maori Elders, it is believed to impart strength and determination, adding a spiritual essence to those who wear it. This symbolic incorporation adds depth to the brand, resonating with the values of strength and empowerment that Empower Law brings to its clients.

The carefully chosen color palette features rich gold and forest green as primary corporate colors convey authority and professionalism. But we softened the brand palette by adding soft sage green and sand as complimentary colours. These softer hues add a touch of elegance and compassion. The intentional combination of these elements results in a brand that stands strong and structured, resonating with professionalism, empathy and sincerity.

Empower Law’s brand encapsulates the professionalism of a legal firm while authentically capturing Jaenine’s mission—to empower her clients.

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