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We created a brand for Stephen Totilo’s new Substack Publication, Game File. Game File does reporting on the world of video games, from someone who has been on the beat for 20 years

Game File

In the last weeks of 2023, I developed the brand for “Game File,” the new Substack publication from gaming industry expert, Stephen Totilo.

Game File is “a newsletter for people who are curious about the business and culture of video games, from a reporter who has been on the beat for 20 years.

During the discovery process, I realized that Stephen often tackles hard issues in the gaming industry, and as such, we decided that the branding should strike a delicate balance between bold, eye-catching & accessible, with a restricted color palette.

I aimed for a design that avoids excessive playfulness but, subtly integrated the concept of a gaming controller’s direction pad to provide context. The use of overlapping letters also adds a somewhat dynamic element to the overall aesthetic while remaining simple, solid and elemental.

About the Client:

Stephen Totilo
Stephen Totilo has been reporting on the video gaming industry for 20 years. He’s been a reporter at MTV News, The New York Times, author of the daily Axios Gaming newsletter, and Editor in Chief at Kotaku.

What they said:

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